We understand that you may have a lot of questions about our service, particularly our ‘pay up front’ solution, so we have collated many of the questions we get asked and our answers – if these don’t go far enough to help then please contact us and one of our client success managers will be happy to speak with you


Most frequent questions and answers

As a family run business we pride ourselves on our customer centric approach to all that we do – when we say customer we mean the client and the jobseeker, both are hugely important in the overall process. 

For our customers this means you will have one dedicated Client Success Manager who will support you from initial placement of the advert through to hire.

We have three different packages that suit differing requirements and budgets.  You can advertise your role for as little as £500.  Further savings can be made if multiple vacancies are purchased to advertise and manage – to find out more click here

Traditional recruitment agencies will advertise your role and search online CV databases to try to find CV’s to send across to you.  They manage their time and resources across a high volume of vacancies for multiple clients and have to charge a high placement fee (circa 15% – 20% of first years salary) as they only get paid if a candidate is appointed. Many times there time is spent on the clients that pay the highest placement fee or are on longer term retainer

IPMForumJobs is different because:

  • Our great value fixed fee is a fraction of the cost of a recruitment agency.
  • Our solutions include advertising across multiple platforms not focussing solely on generic job boards.

Recruitment agencies will charge you a much higher percentage of the salary of each candidate you hire through them. You can hire as many candidates as you like from your PMForumJobs campaign and still only pay the great value fixed fee.

We believe in being very transparent about the service and prices we offer our clients and we are proud of our track record in delivering both and for this reason we do not offer free trials or discounts on single credit purchases

However, we do offer significant discounts for multi-credit purchases. As such, many of our clients choose to make greater savings by pre-purchasing a block of ‘credits’ to use against their future vacancies. When you choose to do this, we simply allocate these credits to your account which you then have 2 years to use at your convenience to advertise your vacancies but at a significantly reduced rate.

We also provide a wide range of promotional offers which vary from time to time so Contact Us to find out about our latest ones.

Advertising through PMForumJobs is better than going directly to Job Boards for the following reasons:

  • We buy high volumes of adverts from all of the generic and niche job boards which allows our clients to advertise on the job boards that are right for their vacancies at a much lower cost than advertising directly on one or two.

  • We monitor the application levels on all job boards so we know which ones will work for your vacancies rather than ‘posting and praying’ This would be a hugely time consuming exercise for a client to undertake directly.

  • We take all of the administrative burden of posting adverts away from you. Simply send us your advert and we will get it posted promptly.

  • We have the technology to be able to write job descriptions that have been proven to attract the right type and calibre of applications

  • You will get free access to our Applicant Tracking System and candidate funnel so that you can manage the applications you receive through all job boards and communicate with candidates within one easy to use system.

Yes absolutely, it’s what makes our managed and monthly service even more unique to traditional recruitment agencies – if you are looking for multiple people you just need to pay a one off fee and recruit as many people as you please